16 Scientific Ways to Be Hotter

be hotter 1

Have you ever found yourself looking at someone and wondered why they aren’t noticing you?  Want to seem more appealing and sexy to potential romantic partners?  Throw out some of the myths about what you think makes someone attractive and start listening to the experts – behavioral scientists!  Researchers have long studied the nature of attraction and have uncovered some surprising discoveries.  The science geeks can help you – really! There are proven ways to boost your attractiveness, and they’re not that difficult to do.

The right color, the right posture, and more can make you instantly hotter to the opposite sex.  You don’t have to lose massive amounts of weight or rearrange your entire look – scientists have found that even small changes can have big impacts.  All the tips in this gallery have been scientifically proven to be effective in attracting a mate, so take the guesswork out of attracting that mate and read on!

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