Awkward Wedding Photos That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud


Weddings are usually at least a little awkward because of the psychological pressure it puts on everyone involved. On your special day, you might find yourself wondering, “why did I invite all these people?”

Well, this article isn’t about your guest list. This is about wedding photos so awkward, an average episode of TLC’s The Virgin Diaries has nothing on it.

If you think your wedding photos were ruined, you’ll feel a lot better after seeing these. Everyone else should at least get a good laugh or two. Let’s do this!

The Uninvited Guest

In days gone by, you might be stuck with this kind of photo, because all photography was shot on film and thus all of the pictures taken would have been developed.

Today, we have digital photography and digital editing, so why on earth didn’t the photographer remove this awkward half-naked man from the image with Lightroom or Photoshop? And why is HE in focus, but the bride and groom are not??

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