Horrifying Photos Taken Seconds Before Death

Tragic accidents and pointless deaths happen every day and most of the time we hear about them second-hand or read about it in the newspaper.  But every so often, someone is present to document these horrifying acts.


The photos that follow show the moment before people suffered horrible accidents and sometimes death. Prepare yourself – #8 will truly disturb you.



  • I agree the chainsaw situation isn’t wise, but they do have a switch, he is nowhere near, that disengages the blade. It’s a safety feature they put in all chainsaws many years ago.

        • NK you are TOTALLY right! The girl in the photo of the Ray that is on her back in the water. That photo was taken by a friend of mine and shared on her facebook page as part of her vacation pictures. The girl in the photo is very much alive and you can even see the guy behind her has his hand behind her shoulder. He put the ray on her to freak her out. Everyone there is still alive.

        • People just want attention from other people around the globe aka people they don’t know.I just don’t get it why make up someone else’s death?Why can’t you be happy with the life you live in and not create a scene out of it?Why not just always keep a smile to have people think,”Why do they always have a smile the must have a happy life!I wanna befriend them because they can probably help me with my life!”,instead of people probably thinking you are a mean,crazy,psycho path!!Just maybe the only way to get attention you go to your family or someone that you know and make them laugh and they might want you to make them laugh again and again until they grow old and don’t enjoy it as much anymore.

      • I Don’t think the people died because one of them wasn’t a death it was a show, the one with the man and the alligator when the man puts his head in the alligator’s mouth. That was a show and I saw that show and I received a alligator tooth.

    • The chainsaw guy is my brother in-law “the retired paramedic”. He did this photo as a joke. He did not die. He is hiking some trail right now from Oregon to Seattle. I wonder how this photo was obtained. It is funny. I will tell him he made the news.

      • This article is is bull. My old laptop takes forever to download these pages full of adverts so I stopped after 19 out of 33. I,m glad I did now after reading your comment. I suspected the author was guessing about all the photo’s backgrounds and outcomes. Even the chainsaw one seemed dodgy as I wondered why the person taking the photo didn’t warn him. I copied and did a google search for similar images for the ‘changing wheel on a moving vehicle’ pic and I saw a team of Arabs doing the same thing using the same vehicle. These people are brilliant professional stunts men and I doubt the ones in the picture died. The author just assumed they were a bunch of idiotic rednecks and gave that same impression to the readers. This is how journalists manipulate the truth. They lie.
        By the way, thanks for the info on the chainsaw pic.

    • you’re right it also has a centrifugal clutch system that only engages the chain once the motor reaches a given speed, until then you could hold the chain quite safely

    • That’s not true regular chainsaws don’t have a cut of pull cord or kill switch
      Proper tree surgeons that use larger chainsaws do fact because in uk you can only buy the smaller ones the rest you need licence for

      • All chainsaws have a kill switch.
        The smaller ones (top saws) are used by arboretists up in trees, and they don’t have a chain break, and actually these are the ONLY ones you do need a license for. I have 4 chainsaws with bar sizes ranging from 12″ to 26″ and I have no license whatsoever because you don’t need one. You cannot buy them by mail order but that’s about the only restriction on them

      • Yes. Chainsaws do have “triggers”. The chain will not run unless it’s triggered. I’d be willing to bet most of these are staged.

    • It’s called a bar and chain. Not a blade. And the trigger engages as well as disengages the chain for cutting. My old man worked for Asplundh Tree Experts in South Dakota, Wyoming Montana and Nebraska. Some of you need to stop posting. You’re answers clearly state you are silly.

  • I doubt most of these people had anything happen! You stupid wannabe “journalists” with your dumbass titles need to get a life! Show me the proof of the accidents and then maybe you will gain some credibility!
    Oh, I already know you’re so cowardly you won’t post my comment. I’ll wager that’s why there are not any others, or you’re just too lazy one… typical!

    • I didn’t expect them to post mine until I saw that they had posted yours. So I expect to see mine soon. Just case they don’t post it I can tell you that if you highlight any pic and right click, you can choose ‘search google for similar images’. Click that and you will usually find the original pic and often it has the true explanation in a newspaper article or a youtube video or something.

  • Are you kidding???? Does no one else see the man’s hand (and wristwatch) by this poor girls shoulder. Looks like a setup to me – in very poor taste (but that’s what sophomoric young men excel in, yes? The two in back are more the perpetrator’s buddies than hers. An appreciative audience; they probably nail cats in trees by their tails, too.

  • It’s obviously a joke,
    There is no way you can get enough grip on the bar ,to actually pull the starting cord, without the saw comming loose.
    BTW, chainsaws don’t have a switch to disengage the blade,
    They have a mechanical device which engages a chain brake on the clutch,
    also it’s a saw chain ,not a blade.

  • It would be nice if the pictures were actually big enough to see and not be bombarded by advertisements and pop ups. I didn’t even finish trying to get through this crap

  • What a relief these pictures come across as warnings to people not to be irresponsible.
    If one person takes note and stops doing something really silly it will have done some good.


    • Frist of all the picture with the sting ray comes from Sting Ray City in the Camen(sic) Islands which I have been to and enjoyed. These rays are about the size of 3 foot across and stinger has never been used against a visitor. If stung it might hurt but would never kill. The Manta Ray is about 8 to 15 foot across and people hop rides on them all the time. There is about one chance in a million that they will sting you in the chest and hit your heart like they did the man from down under who was such a supporter of the crocodiles and all wildlife. Steve what’s his face, was loved by many but what happened to him was one chance in a million. So some of these pictures are just B.S., bad stink and not worth the time for posting. Sorry folks but you all need to get a life if you believe all this bull.

  • the picture of the woman with the stingray is a standard result of the handler holding the stingray on her back for a picture i have been in the grand caymans and the handler from the boat we were on did it many times you can see his hand holding the ray he did it for me so i could feel it and feed it the only thing i worried about were the barracudas in the water getting back on the boat

  • This is fake, i actually saw the video of the standing on a window to clean the other one. He does not fall, he goes right back in his appartment. And the stingray is not an attack, you can clearly see a man’s hand holding the animal and touching the woman with it.

  • So the stingray pic absolutely is not fake. it also is not an attack, this is Stingray City in the Grand Caymans, the guides from all the boats that go out there wil catch the rays so you can hold them, pat them, kiss them, etc… This particular photo is what they call the stingray message, i have one exactly like it of my daughter. The photo is taken by the photographer that works on the boat. These rays have lived on this sand bar in the lagoon long enough that they are pretty much domesticated, there is absolutely nothing dangerous, sinister or otherwise about this photo other than very, very, poor reporting

  • I cannot believe the childish and puerile gibberish that passes for journalistic commentary. its insulting to the reader . how the heck do you live with yourself or even get paid?

  • #8 isn’t as scary as it’s made out to be, Stupid Yes. The hammer is in the safe position, I don’t care if she squeezes the trigger all day, it wouldn’t fire. If there is a round in the chamber, she would have to pull the hammer back, if no round in the chamber she would have to slide the receiver back and let it slide forward before it could fire. The lack of knowledge and training on firearms is obvious, for both writer and the mentally challenged(Yeah, PC term?) girl looking down the barrel. I doubt very seriously anyone was hurt much less killed seconds after that photo was taken. It’s in a neighborhood, not at a firing range or out where it could be fired legally. A firearm is a tool, nothing more, If it isn’t loaded it’s a rock(hand gun)or a bat/stick(long gun). If that girl had been taught firearm safety, she would have known not to look down the barrel with the slide forward.
    Several Pic’s made me cringe, the gator pic(looked like a crock to me with a narrow snout. But?)if it was legit, the idiot doesn’t need to breed and pass that rock level IQ and those stupid to the bone genes on, way too many like that driving around now. Several others were close, real close to being rock smart too.
    I see several things wrong with this type of article, first it chaps my rear they think we’re dumb enough to believe the made up, I’ll just use the word stuff…..AND that I wasted time, not only scrolling through pic’s 1 per page, but to peck out a reply? I’ve grown tired of these 1 pic per page with 20 adds. I wont buy anything on those overloaded billboard’s for that very reason! I’m done with that kind of advertising, I’ll search the title else where or wont worry about it at all, Life’s too short to waste it clicking pages.

  • FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See the woman getting stung by a stingray? Why didn’t the idiots photoshop the hand with the watch on the wrist out of the picture just behind her left shoulder? Imbecils!!!!!

  • Ok here are some issues I have.

    1. The Stingray thing that is actually a paid for excursion in a destination not an attack. Thats why her friends were laughing she is just scared.
    2. The Chainsaw he is not pulling the cord at all he is holding a tool and adjusting the chainsaw.
    3. The man on the window I have seen before he calmly goes back in to his apartment.
    4. That girl is holding a fake gun like come on that is %100 not a real handgun.

    Absolutely awful article in no way entertaining.

  • . . . Incredibly stupid fake crap. Also poorly written. Stopped at #5. That’s not an alligator. It’s a crocodile. The author is an idiot..

  • If you really know how a Chain Saw works, you know that even as stupid as this is, he would not get hurt, unless he actually pulled the trigger making the chain rotate. Otherwise, it just sits still while running.

  • 14 is excellent Photoshop work, but nothing more. If you look at the spokes on the rear wheel, they are still, while the front spokes are radially blurred. It looks to me like the bike was suspended on a stand, the front wheel spun where it hung off the chock, and the background added by greenscreen or Photoshop.

  • You know very few times I can look past terrible click bait article names. Like most tired of it…… However…my problem is lack of any real detail. Yeah we all know death was to get us… But I simply just got bored because lack of setting up picture & explaining afterwards. The pictures sadly could have an impact / be interesting…. If they simply told us each story. Or just don’t do article if all you have is pic. Just heads up because I lost interest fast!

  • #8 is no joke. The woman is not obeying gun safety rules. That is how many have died or killed relatives or other innocent bystanders. Now that gun makers & the NRA have brainwashed so many into opposing any restriction on ownership, the accidents have multiplied. Guns are more dangerous than cars, that states regulate ownership & use of because not everyone is smart or responsible enough to use them safely. So why do people think anyone can own a gun? Better to make all prospective gun owners & gun owners take intelligence & psychologic tests. Everybody knows there are a lot of stupid & crazy people, so what are we doing, allowing people to buy guns w/o testing their competency?

  • Peval the free runner was doing a backflip on the ledge not against the wall and he didn’t lose his balance the wind moved him over

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